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In 2005, WING-TV's Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani put together four
8-minute episodes and created a video documentary of the USS LIBERTY massacre
by Israel on June 8, 1967. They also interviewed six survivors of the assault,
each running nearly a half-hour. Currently their web pages do not have the links
updated to display the videos. The videos seem to have disappeared from the internet.
I do have a DVD with the documentary and the individual videos copied from the internet
should anyone be interested in seeing them, but I can't post them on the internet.

The text of the WING-TV documentary is available, however, at this web site:

The USS Liberty survivors' interviews (plus one with Admiral Staring) by WING-TV are available here as AUDIO .mp3 files, each lasting nearly a half-hour.

Jan 26, 2005      Larry Weaver      24 mins. CLICK HERE

Jan 27, 2005      Jim Ennes      23 mins. CLICK HERE

Jan 28, 2005      Dave Lewis      22 mins. CLICK HERE

Feb 18, 2005      Ernie Gallo      23 mins. CLICK HERE

Apr 14, 2005      Joe Lentini      26 mins. CLICK HERE

Dec 12, 2005      Admiral Staring      25 mins. CLICK HERE

Jan 11, 2006      Gary Brummett      27 mins. CLICK HERE

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