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Israeli Attack on American Ship

The Forgotten Crisis

Interview with Phillip F.Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor
Interviewer: Ali A. Jafari
[email protected]

Introduction: During the 1967 Arab-Israel war, US Navy intelligence ship USS
Liberty entered the Mediterranean Sea to gather information. The Israeli regime,
which was dissatisfied with the presence of USS Liberty in the region, decided
to attack the USS Liberty.

The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship
and lied about it.

34 people were killed and more than 171 were wounded in the Israeli attack.
Israeli regime insists that they mistakenly attacked the USS Liberty.

The survivors have been forbidden for some 44 years to tell their story under
threat of imprisonment and/or death. One of the survivors, Phillip F. Tourney
decided to tell the full story of the incident in a book titled ‘What I Saw That
Day’. Iran Daily conducted an interview with him which will be published in
several parts.

Q: Greetings Mr. Tourney. We, at Iran Daily, thank you for giving us this great
opportunity to present your side of the story of USS Liberty. When did you join
the US Navy and USS Liberty and what was your motive?

Phillip Tourney--I joined the US Navy as a young man of only 17 years old.
Technically I was not even an adult yet, but they had a thing back then where
you could join at 17 with your parent’s permission, so on my 17th birthday I
went down and signed up. My reason for doing it was simple--I loved America. I
loved America then and I love America now, just as much as I did the day I first
set foot on that ill-fated ship.

Now, at the age of 64 however, I understand things better. Back then I loved
America because I believed America could do no wrong. Now, I love America
because I see that she can do wrong, and nowhere is this more obvious than in
our Middle East policy. More than anything else I want to see America saved and
freed from this terrible sickness that plagues her. This is the place my wife,
children, and grandchildren call home, and if she--America--goes down, everyone
and everything that I love will go down with her, as well as all my fellow
Americans who stand to lose just as much. We need to become the sovereign United
States of America again, and not the slave to another foreign power that yanks
us around like a dog on a leash. The day that this foreign
power--Israel--attacked my ship for 2 hours, butchered 34 of my friends, and
then colluded with my government to cover it up, that was the day we ceased
being a sovereign country and instead became a slave to someone else. As a very
popular saying here in America goes, and as many in the Middle East living under
oppressive systems would say today, “I love my country, but I hate my

Q: Mr. Tourney, you have written a book titled ‘What I Saw That Day’. On second
page you have: “To my friends, the brave men, both living and dead, who served
aboard the good ship USS Liberty … Attacked by an ally, betrayed by their own
government, forsaken by their country and forgotten in the hearts of their own
fellow Americans, except those of us who were there that day and saw
everything…”Very powerful statements indeed. What motivated you to pen this book
42 years later? We would like to know what you wish to achieve by writing this

PT--What I wished to achieve, no, let me rephrase that--What I INSIST upon
achieving in writing this book along with my co-author Mark Glenn is what I said
before--to see America saved and returned to her former place of goodness and
greatness, both in the eyes of God and of my fellow man. Our founding fathers
had a vision of what a good nation was supposed to be.

However, others who did not share the vision of our founding fathers had other
plans, which we can plainly see taking place in the world today. Our sins as a
nation are great, the suffering we have brought to millions of others did not
have to be that way. We could have been a blessing upon mankind, but because of
the poisonous influence of a small minority of people and the nation whose
interests they serve--Israel--America was transformed from a blessing upon the
world to a curse. It is my goal to reverse this magic spell and to have the
goodness of America restored.

Q: Acclaimed author Gore Vidal has called your country ‘The United States of
Amnesia’ when you say ‘forgotten in the hearts of their fellow Americans’, one
of the questions that comes to one’s mind is that, how does the press in the
United States succeed in deviating the needle of the American people’s compass
away from its natural direction? How did American people come to forget about
your story, your plight, in particular when one considers its severity?

PT-As brilliant a writer as Gore Vidal is, the fact is this--there is no
‘amnesia’ on the part of the American people as far as the USS LIBERTY story
goes for the simple reason that they know nothing about it and never did. They
were never given the opportunity of hearing about it for the simple reason that
Israel failed in sinking us. Had we sunk and Egypt blamed, as Israel had
planned, then every American today would know about the LIBERTY. There would
have been a national holiday instituted to commemorate the event. Outside of the
LIBERTY survivors themselves and their families, there is only a relatively
small handful of people who know about it, and Israel knows that it better
remain this way or her days are numbered. If the American people ever found out
what happened that day when Israel deliberately murdered 34 of us and would have
finished all of us off were it not for the grace of God, the Jewish state would
go the way of Hiroshima.

You use a very powerful image here, of the compass and the needle. What makes a
compass so important is that it is driven by forces of nature, namely the
magnetic pull of the earth. People have compasses, both as individuals and
nations. They know what is in their best interests, where they need to go and
what they need to do. Unless someone gets in there and tampers with those forces
of nature. Then, we see people--again, both as individuals and as nations--not
acting in their best interests, and clearly this is what has happened to
America. Now, our needle only points in one direction and that is towards
Israel. All of our policies--be they domestic or foreign, are geared towards
benefiting the Zionist state, and even when it harms us. Perfect proof of this
is what we are losing, both in blood and treasure, in fighting the wars on
Israel’s behalf. We have people losing their homes, fathers unable to feed their
children--many of them US servicemen who have served or are serving--because of
the massive amount of expenditure going for Israel’s benefit. Are the American
people up in arms about this? No. They continue to fork out everything they have
down to the last penny and they won’t realize what they have lost until it is
gone and can’t be brought back.

Q: All right let’s get to the most important issue. Can you please talk about
the run up to the actual attack?

PT--Absolutely--the run up to the actual attack is a clashing of images. We had
no idea what we were in for. We knew there was a war going on and we were all
cheering for Israel and hoping she would beat the Arabs. Remember that we had
all received a heavy dose of post-WWII propaganda about what the Jews of Europe
had suffered through, so naturally we wanted to see them come out on top. We
actually made small Israeli flags out of paper and had taped them in various
parts of the ship in showing our solidarity with them.

We had requested an armed escort but had been denied. The official answer from
Washington was that we were an American-flag ship and no one was going to pick a
fight with us. Israeli planes had started surveilling us early, flying low and
slow about twice an hour for about 6 hours. We thought they were coming to check
on us and to let us know they were looking out for our safety, since we were a
defenseless ship. Little did we know that what they were actually doing was
photographing every square inch of the ship so that they could map out to the
smallest detail how they were going to attack and murder us all in the most
expedient and expeditious manner. Like any mafia hit, it had to be quick so that
the perpetrators got away clean.

From where we were, 13 miles off the coast of the Sinai in international waters,
we could see and hear the remnants of the war. Smoke, explosions, and, like I
said, we all cheered because we figured that the Arabs were getting what was
coming to them. Little did we know the real story.

Q: And now could you please speak about the most terrible incident of your life.
I mean the actual attack on USS Liberty?

PT--Our Captain, McGonagle, was a stickler about drilling, and so, typical for
him, he ordered a preparedness drill for washing down the ship in the event of
an attack. After the drill was over I remained on deck to do some repairs as
ordered by my superior officer. I stood on deck next to one of our only 4 guns
designed to repel pirates talking with a friend of mine, David Skollack. We both
remarked how this would be the one place we wouldn’t want to be in an attack. I
left and stepped inside the ship. As soon as I closed the hatch door I heard a
huge explosion just a few feet from me on the other side. I figured that an
accident had taken place. Little did I know that we were under attack.
I thought we must be in the middle of World War III. The bombardment was
relentless. It seemed that our attackers would never run out of ammo. It was
like being in a rainstorm and trying not to get hit by drops of water. Rockets,
bullets, napalm, they threw everything they had at us in a hurry. Remember, as I
said, they wanted this to be a quick job so that they could get out of there
with no witnesses to tell any tales.

I had seen war films when I was a kid but they are nothing like the real thing.
No matter how hard Hollywood tries to capture the terror of being in combat--and
worse, not being able to fight back--there is no way to describe what it is

Being a stupid 20 year old, the first thing I did upon realizing we were under
attack was to open the hatch door and run out on deck to see if any of my
shipmates were hurt and needed help. I was joined by my good friend Rick Aimetti
who obviously was just as dumb as I was, and so we darted out in between volleys
to grab an arm, a leg, or whatever we could and drag a wounded servicemen
someplace where he could get at least a little bit of protection from the hell
that was raining down on all of us. Once I was sure we had recovered everyone
off deck, I went below to see what I could do in keeping the ship afloat and
helping the wounded.

Remember at this time we thought it must be the Arabs who were attacking us,
since the planes were unmarked and there was no way that Israel would do
something like this. Once the planes had done everything they could and had
failed in sinking us, we then saw a team of torpedo boats steaming in our
direction at a high rate of speed, proudly flying their Star of David flag. We
breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that our dear friend and ally Israel had
scared off our attackers and was now coming to assist us. All of this changed
however when we saw the torpedoes being dropped into the water and heading in
our direction.

At that point we knew we were dead, because no ship survives a torpedo blast.
The captain’s voice came over the loudspeaker telling us to prepare for torpedo
explosion. In total, 5 torpedoes had been launched. 4 passed us by and had
missed the ship, which I account as being an act of God. The last one however
hit us.

Again, it is nothing like the movies. I was inside when the torpedo hit, just
one deck above the point of impact, as a matter of fact. The noise from the
explosion was like nothing I had ever experienced. My eardrums were immediately
blown out, leaving me almost permanently deaf to this day. The blast completely
picked the ship up out of the water and threw it in the air like a child’s toy.
When it landed back on the water, it landed HARD.

Next, with what hearing I still had, was the sound of metal creaking, ripping
and folding, as the rush of sea water poured into the gaping hole in our side.
Then came the vertigo of feeling the ship turning towards the side of the blast
as if it were about to roll over and sink. Finally, it settled, listing
considerably, but still afloat, thank God. Having run out of torpedoes, the
Israeli torpedo boats then circled the wounded and dying ship like vultures,
firing at anything that moved, including the firefighters and those trying to
retrieve wounded men from the deck. We lowered the 3 remaining life rafts we had
into the water in order to put our most seriously wounded in them, since it
appeared we were going to sink. The gunners in the Israeli boats shot them out
of the water, a war crime. Once they ran out of ammo and left, an Israeli
helicopter approached the ship. It was loaded with commandos armed with
submachine guns. They hovered above the ship for a minute, preparing to rappel
down and kill us all off one by one. Then, for whatever reason, they took off in
a hurry, another miracle that day.

Estimates vary as to the length of the attack, but in general it was about 90
minutes, the same length of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 that brought
America into World War II.

Q: Several Israeli motivations for their attack on USS Liberty have been
discussed over the years. The British said that, at least one Israeli objective
was to keep the US from warning off Jordan, which in those days was the only
Arab country that had reasonably good relations with the US, and the Israelis
dearly wanted to sucker Jordan into the war so they could more easily take the
West Bank and East Jerusalem. (The Brits thought the Israelis would have
attacked Jordan anyway, but they wanted it the other way around if they could
manage it.) The French said it was to impress on all Arab countries that even
then, only a decade after their decision to put AIPAC & company into high gear,
Israel had the US (or at least its government) so firmly under its influence
that it could even attack a US Navy ship and kill Americans, and get away with
it. There is an incentive behind any crime that a criminal commits. In your
opinion could it be that Israelis really wanted to instill fear in the hearts of
Arabs that ‘we are who we are and we even have the audacity to attack our ally’s
ship’, knowing that they could get away with it? What do you believe was their
incentive for attacking USS Liberty, knowing full well, as you claim, that this
was an American ship?

PT--I have heard all the theories concerning the ‘why’ of Israel’s attack, and
all of them are very plausible. However, today we know a lot more than we did
when we were just beginning to piece together exactly what took place that day,
and one of the things we know beyond any doubt is that Israel did not act alone,
but rather with the assistance of the US government, going all the way up to the
President. We now know from having spoken to people who were in various
positions of authority that in the early part of our attack when we were able to
get a distress signal out and US rescue planes were launched in order to save us
that they were then recalled by then-President Johnson who justified his
decision by saying ‘I will not embarrass our ally’.

Remember, this was in the early part of the attack when even we did not know it
was Israel, so how would Johnson have known unless it was with pre-planning and

My personal feeling is that the attack on the USS LIBERTY was meant to be blamed
on Egypt, an ally of the Soviet Union at the time, that would then lead to the
situation that took place following 9/11--meaning a permanent American military
presence in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. The Soviets would have been
driven out of the Middle East and America would remain as the sole protector of
the region for the foreseeable future.

Q: Generally speaking, as the recent history of the Middle East has shown,
Israelis will not own up to anything unless they absolutely have to or there are
absolutely undeniable or unassailable evidence linking them to their wrongdoing
or crime. Likewise, in the case involving their attack on the USS Liberty,
despite all the testimony of you and your shipmates to the contrary, they have
claimed that attack on USS Liberty was a case of ‘friendly fire’, and that they
misidentified Liberty for an Egyptian horse carrier EL Quseir. One of the
reasons that they present for their argument is that, the attacking jets circled
the ship three times looking for a flag, but no flag was flown. What is your
answer to such claim?

PT--The first thing we have to keep in mind when considering anything that
Israel says is that it is the motto of her intelligence agency Mossad that ‘By
way of deception, thou shalt do war’. With Israel, the very first order of
business is to lie, lie, and then lie again. She understands the value of
blinding your enemy by throwing sand in his eyes so that he cannot see the
picture before him clearly.

Our flag was as clear as day. It was literally as big as a truck. It was flying
in the breeze. In fact, Israel made sure to shoot it down in the initial seconds
of the attack. We replaced it, and that one was shot up as well. Furthermore,
the El Quesir, a horse transport vessel, was ¼ the size and antiquated. The
LIBERTY was the most sophisticated ship sailing on the seas at that time. We
used to joke about the ship’s appearance, that it looked like a giant lobster
with antennae everywhere. Mistaking the El Quesir for the LIBERTY is like
confusing a donkey for a race car.

We had English letters 10 feet tall on the ship’s hull. These words were written
in the Latin alphabet, not Arabic, something the troops onboard the torpedo
boats could see up close, as they were a mere 50 feet away at times. More than
this though, I now know from personal experience that the ‘flag’ story just does
not hold water because of personal testimony I received recently. I recently had
a conversation with a gentleman who was in a US submarine very close to us when
we were being attacked. The submarine’s job was to film the attack and our
sinking so that the video footage could then be played on American news media to
whip the American people up into going to war against Israel’s enemies. He told
me, personally and specifically, that the flag was clearly visible through the

Q: Mr. Tourney, we have read the attack on the USS Liberty was to serve as a
pretext incident to justify an American attack on Egypt, a pretext to bomb Cairo
and other Egyptian cities and add all of Egypt to the ‘Greater, or Eretz
Israel’, as part of a plan called, ‘Operation Cyanide’. What can you tell us
about that aspect of the attack on the USS Liberty and Operation Cyanide?

PT--Yes, as I said, the plan was to sink our ship, blame it on Egypt as a
pretext for the US going to war for Israel’s benefit and to drive the Soviets
out of the region for good. We know that as an official operation, Cyanide was
real, as some of the LIBERTY crew working with the US National Security Agency
were briefed on it before we headed out to sea from Norfolk, Virginia, our home
port. To my knowledge however they did not know the whole scope of the
operation, obviously, as they would have been participating in their own deaths.
Another thing that your readers, and indeed all persons around the globe need to
realize is that there were US bombers in the air headed to Egypt with orders to
drop nuclear weapons on Cairo. According to witnesses serving aboard the
aircraft carriers from where the bombers were launched, they were a mere 3
minutes away from nuking Cairo. The only reason they did not is because we had
not sunk yet, and the US and Israel would have some explaining to do if a nuke
was dropped on a major city like Cairo when they were innocent of any
wrongdoing. People would have figured out that Israel and America had colluded
to sink a US ship and kill all 300 men on board.

Q: Mr.Tourney, let’s talk about the media coverage and why the story of USS
Liberty has not been and still is not newsworthy. On November 8, 1979, just 4
days after the Iran hostage crisis started, ABC News launched a new program
called Nightline, only and specifically to present American viewers with the
latest news about American hostages held in Iran on a nightly basis.
After 444 days, American hostages came home unscratched, nonetheless, the news
coverage and all the sensationalism that went along with it, continued unabated.
Ted Koppel invited the hostages to the Nightline numerous times so that they
could tell American people about their experience and what happened to them in
American embassy in Tehran.

In chapter 5 of your book entitled ‘Broken men, Broken hearts’ which deals with
your nightmare immediately after the attack, you write: “It was a sea of
casualties-bleeding head wounds…bones protruding from arms and legs…” On Sept.
26, 2006, former CIA analyst for 27 years, Ray McGovern, ‘gave a talk on Iraq to
crowd of 400 people at National Avenue Christian Church in Springfield,
Missouri… [regarding the Israel Lobby and its power] over your government and

When McGovern asked how many in the crowd of 400 had ever heard of the USS
Liberty, only three hands went up. Don’t you think that you are living in a land
of flagrant double standards?

PT--We should change the name of our country from the US to ‘the land of double
standards’. Everyone in America knows about the USS Cole that was attacked off
the coast of Yemen where 17 American sailors were killed, a terrible loss to be
sure, but NO ONE knows about the USS LIBERTY, and deliberately so. As I
indicated earlier, if the American people were to learn the awful truth of what
happened to us and the cover-up, it would result in a domino effect that would
be deadly for Israel and her supporters here in the US. All the sudden,
Americans, now overwhelmed with the heavy cost of fighting Israel’s wars for her
in the Middle East would start asking questions about 9/11 and possible
American/Israeli collusion in that. The next thing you know, the entire house of
cards would come tumbling down.

Q: And while we are on the subject of double standards, let me ask you another
question. You have mentioned in your book that ‘Israel rules America’. You also
talk about the very powerful Israeli lobby. I cannot think of a better example
than John Demjanjuk, former United States citizen who was accused numerous times
of Holocaust-related war crimes. The United States government, under relentless
pressure from the pro-Israeli groups, once again kowtowed to the demand of the
Israeli government and in 1986 deported him to Israel to stand trial.
So here, some 45 years later, we have a man whose family went bankrupt in order
to prove that this was a case of mistaken identity and that he was not ‘Ivan the
Terrible’, the notorious prisoner/guard at the Treblinka and Sobibor
extermination camps during the period 1942–1943. His conviction for crimes
against humanity was later overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1993 due
to a finding of reasonable doubt based on evidence suggesting that Demjanjuk was
not ‘Ivan the Terrible’.

Mr. Tourney, on pages 134 and 135 in your book, regarding the scheduled meeting
between you and other survivors of the USS Liberty with President George Herbert
Walker Bush which never took place, you go into details of the most tantalizing
moments and how, after breathtaking moments, your president was ‘too busy to
meet with you’. Then you blame all these on the Israelis. You have and I quote
“It was obvious to me that the ‘fix’ had been put in.”

So, once again the pro-Israeli groups had directed Bush not to meet with you.
Again, here we have Israelis who destroy a man’s life based on their ‘suspicion’
that he might be ‘Ivan the Terrible’, and you and the rest of the USS Liberty
survivors, who were ‘live witnesses’ to Israel Holocaust of USS Liberty on June
8th, 1967, cannot even get a chance to see your president so that you could talk
about your side of the story personally. How frustrating is this?

PT--As I said in my book, we were crushed. We had thought amongst ourselves
“This is it…Our day has finally come…Our president, sitting in the very White
House, will hear our story, feel our pain and do what any leader of a country so
grievously wounded would do. When he refused to even meet with us, we realized
(or at least I did) that our country was gone and that there was little, if any,
difference between the president who consigned us to our deaths many decades
before and every president since who has participated in the cover-up of the
murderous attack on our ship.

Q: A.J. Cristol, a federal judge, a Navy captain, author, scholar, former Navy
lawyer and apparently a combat fighter pilot who claims to have studied this
matter for 15 years, with an open mind, has as his mantra, “Thirteen
investigations have all exonerated Israel,” What is your reaction to his mantra?

PT--Well, as I said earlier, remember that it is Israel’s motto that ‘by way of
deception thou shalt do war.” Cristol is a liar. No one who has spent 5 minutes
looking at the evidence walks away thinking it was a case of mistaken identity.
Cristol, who is not only Jewish but a big supporter of the Jewish state, is no
different than a lawyer hired to defend some Mafioso in court who knows his
client is guilty of all the crimes he has been charged with but will still work
his fingers to the bone in getting his client acquitted so that he can be set
loose on society to continue on with his criminality and mayhem. In a better
time in our country’s history, men like Cristol would have been tried for
treason and upon conviction, executed.

Q: The Israel Lobby instills fear in the heart of everyone in the United States.
It tries to crush those who stand up against them; some suffer but persist, and
the pragmatics survive by changing their tune. Nobody is immune; reporters,
editors, columnists, professors, academics, politicians…. Everyone is labeled
‘anti-Semite’ when he/she criticizes the power of the Israel Lobby or talks
about what happened to you and your shipmates on that day. With pusillanimous
and spineless politicians and members of congress kowtowing to special interest
groups such as AIPAC, how do you ever hope to get justice served, in other
words, punish those who were responsible for attacking USS Liberty and killing
34 of its sailors?

PT--As sure as I am here today having this conversation with you, I know there
is a power higher than that of Israel, and it the God who saved me that day when
we were under attack, because the fact is that we should have sunk that day. He
saved us men of the LIBERTY for a reason, and I believe it was for us to warn
the world about the danger it faces from this dangerous animal roaming our
planet earth known as Israel. Israel plots but God is the wisest of plotters and
I know as sure as I stand here today speaking to you that He will have the last
say on this matter and justice will be served. I don’t know how or when, I
simply know it is and I will leave it up for Him to decide the how and when.

Q: With the advent of the Internet, it is obvious that the mainstream media
monopoly has been broken. Some people say that the Internet has functioned like
a double-edged sword. No wonder that here and there, we hear Liberals,
conservatives, Democrats, and Republicans--all are united on the alleged
necessity of reigning in the Internet. For and your shipmates who are tasked
with penetrating the fog of lies and deception of the pro-Israeli apologists,
Internet has offered a great opportunity to tell your story. Have you taken all
the advantage that you could of the Internet? Where can our reader get the
latest information about the latest developments on your story?

PT--Well, I have certainly utilized the tools at my disposal to the best of my
abilities. I write articles, I wrote a book, I have my own radio program. Yes,
the Internet has given us a mighty tool to fight back against the lies. And as
much as I hate to sound like I am promoting myself, the truth nevertheless is
that I recommend people read my book if they want to find out what happened to
us. It is not a difficult book to read in terms of being technical and tedious.
It is the story of one man and what he saw that day and it is explained in easy
to understand, very human terms.

Q: President Ahmadinejad has been called to judgment, sentenced and pronounced
guilty at the high court of the American media. Unfortunately for them and
fortunately for the Iranian President, this negative publicity has produced
exactly the opposite of the intended consequences; because at the end they
turned him into a saint whom young Muslims world over would come to admire and
cherish as a defender of Islam and the Arabs. His recent visit to Lebanon is a
living testimony to that. He even had the audacity to tell Americans to ignore
stories they were told long ago about the Holocaust, but rather to look at it
from all sources not just from one point of view. As it was, in Ahmadinejad the
world community saw an Iranian leader who eclipsed both the American President
and the other leaders of the world. In the very heart of New York where the
Jewish opponents of the Iranian leader could have embargoed or sabotaged his
coverage they failed miserably to deny him the coverage and the attention.
American reporters were racing for pictures and sound bites from the Iranian
president and all their colleagues covering the White House and the United
Nations joined in the pursuit. He owes a great part of his popularity in Iran
and in the Islamic world to his bold behavior and performance at the United
Nations. He is indeed the voice of the voiceless in a world which pays little
to the oppressed. In the final pages of your book, you touch on the possibility
of Iran’s president bringing up the issue of USS Liberty on the floor of UN.
For some reasons things did not go as planned. Let me quote from your book.
“The result would have been tsunamic. Iran’s leader getting up in front of
literally the entire world and mentioning the unmentionable would have sent
shock waves throughout the entire world.” Mr. Tourney, here is your opportunity
to send your message to Iran’s president. Go ahead please:

PT-- What I would tell the Honorable President of Iran and to all the leaders 
of all the world’s nations is this--you are in mortal danger. What Israel and
America did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and elsewhere they will do to
you if they are not stopped. You cannot fight this beast militarily, only with
the truth, but you must be bold in doing so. Tell the truth, loudly and boldly,
and you must do it soon, because time is running out. There is no telling what
Israel and America will do next in feeding their lust for power. We already
know that this 2-headed beast has no regard for human life. I believe firmly
that the story of the USS LIBERTY is THE KEY to locking up this beast forever.
Imagine if all the sudden it were being discussed in every public forum,
including the U.N. Israel and America would be defeated before the eyes of the
world Nothing they said or did would be credible. As I said earlier, God saved
us for a reason, and I believe that it was so that our story could save the

Q: Mr. Tourney, there is no doubt that the United States has paid a very hefty
price for its blind and relentless support of Israel. A total of $114 billion
dollars in direct military and economic aid since the establishment of the
Jewish state in 1947, as well as other unquantifiable costs which include
widespread hatred in the Islamic world and in fact non-Islamic world, attack on
USS Liberty in 1967, assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on June 5, 1968 by a
young Palestinian called Sirhan Sirhan, murder of Rachel Corrie on March 16,
2003, crushed to death in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defence Forces bulldozer,
the list is endless. In your book, you try to persuade your readers that,
following the attack on USS Liberty, “Had America dealt with Israel the way she
dealt with Japan after December 7, 1941, the events of 9/11/2001 would never
have occurred… “. But what about the military-industrial-congressional complex
or what others have referred to the beast as the "Iron Triangle"? you know wars
have always been good business for weapons manufacturers. You also know I am
sure that, after 9/11 which you believe was the work of Israeli Mossad, that
very "Iron Triangle" found a golden opportunity to increase its profits by
leading the US into the ruinous Iraq adventure. The question is how could
prevention of all these disasters, including wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which
according to Professor Chalmers Johnson is going to bring American empire to
its knees very soon, revolve around USS Liberty?

PT-- Again, we must remember that criminals do their dirty work at night, away
from watchful eyes. Like cockroaches that scurry for cover when the light is
turned on or like sunlight on a vampire, the truth is poison to these creatures
of the night. The story of the USS LIBERTY being broadcast far and wide around
the world is the first step in turning on those lights and causing those
cockroaches to scurry. Soon to follow are all the other crimes that have been
committed by this syndicate, including the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
After that, we leave the light on permanently so that they don’t come back.
Q: Ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, with media
sensationalism in full swing, the United States has been busy capitalizing on
the slightest chance to demonize Iran. You might remember that on 20 January,
1981, minutes after the inauguration of the new U.S. President Ronald Reagan,
Iranian released 52 American hostages that had spent 444 days in Iran. Jimmy
Carter went to West Germany to greet them as President Reagan's special envoy.
After entering the United States, they stayed at the Thayer Hotel at West Point
for three days receiving a heroes' welcome all along the route. Ten days after
their release, the former hostages were given a ticker tape parade through the
Canyon of Heroes in New York City. Taking into consideration that 34 sailors of
the USS Liberty killed and the 171 wounded as a result of Israel’s attack and
your own heroic actions to save the ship, I am sure our readers would be
interested to know how you were treated by your government when you returned to
the United States?

PT-- I was treated worse than if I had been a criminal convicted of a capital
offence. I was warned that if I ever told anyone of what happened to us out
there that I would be put in prison, or ‘worse,’ and we all knew what ‘worse’
meant--dead. We have been ignored, mocked, spat upon and treated the way that a
nation’s enemies would be treated upon being conquered. Every step of the way
my government has dealt with me with contempt, including a recent event where
my life was threatened by someone claiming to be with Israel’s Mossad and my
own government, in this case the FBI, was put out that time and resources had
to be expended in protecting a citizen of the United States from a foreign
terrorist organization.

Q: Mr. Tourney, on June 22, 2009, in an interview with Harry Smith of CBS,
President Obama, regarding the seditionist in Iran said, “...and we believe
that the voices of people have to be heard, that that's a universal value that
the American people stand for and this administration stands for.”
I do not know exactly how many administrations have come to power in the Unites
States since June 8th 1967. But I would like to know has there been any
administration that has shown any meaningful and real willingness to hear the
voice of USS Liberty survivors?

PT-- Not one. As we already discussed, the closest we came was the meeting with
George Bush Sr that was aborted at the last moment. I am sure that were I to
make my way face to face with the president, tell him who I was and what had
been done to us that more than likely he would pass out with raw, visceral

Q: Mr. Tourney, it is a reality that the Israel Lobby Juggernaut scares people
to death. It tries to crush those who stand up against them; some suffer but
persist, and the pragmatics survive by changing their tune. Nobody is immune;
reporters, editors, columnists, professors, academics, politicians…. Everyone
is labeled “anti-Semite” when s/he criticizes the power of the Israel Lobby.
Ahmadinejad has been compared with Hitler for making statements that are
welcomed by those who challenge your government.. Former president George w.
Bush lies your nation into wars in the Middle East and then out he goes. Then
comes President Obama with the promise of change and he continues with lies:
“Israel’s quest for peace with its neighbors has stalled, despite the heavy
burdens borne by the Israeli people.”
With such an impotent political system are you optimistic that things will
change for the better? Do you hope that this whole thing will someday take a
U-turn and the truth will shine thru for you and your shipmates?

PT-- Like I said, I know that someday the truth will win out over the lies. I
don’t know when or how, but it will happen. Personally, from what I know of the
American people and their present mindset, it is going to take something bad,
and I mean REALLY bad, to snap them out of the trance that presently imprisons
them. It will take the complete collapse of their way of life, which is
happening as we speak, before they will start asking the difficult
questions--who am I, why am I here, how did my world come crashing down the way
it did and who is responsible for it?” The fact is, I want justice for my
shipmates, but more important to me is justice for my country, because the past
is the past, but the present and the future are what we have to deal with, and
they are becoming more and more dangerous everyday.
Q: The Middle East in recent months has been witnessing a wave of revolutions
which obviously has Israelis shaking in their boots. People are happily talking
about a Middle East without America. These revolutions may indeed be the
beginning of the end for the Jewish state of Israel as well. The end of Zionism
might in turn begin the international peace process. You have rightfully shown
your deep resentment towards the Israel and its stooges inside your congress.
How happy would you be to see that day, I mean the day that Israel and its
powerful lobby, namely AIPAC, are once and for ever gone from the life of

PT-- It would be like being born again, or hearing from your doctor that after 
a long and painful healing period that you are cancer-free, with an open road 
in front of you for a peaceful, productive life.

Q: Do you have any message for Iranian nation?
PT--Yes--stay cancer free. Do not let Zionism infect your country as it has
ours. It is fatal.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

PT--May God bless all people of good will with peace, happiness and justice.
Phillip F. Tourney, 3-Time President of the Liberty Veterans Association and
author of the book "WHAT I SAW THAT DAY" available at