September 23, 2003

Paul Findley on Don Bustany's Middle East in Focus

Paul Findley was a Congressman from Illinois for some 22 years. This puts him in the unique position to criticize his target. That target is the pro-Israel lobby, specifically AIPAC (The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee). Findley believes that many politicians have lost elections due to the influence of this group. Findley himself thinks they played a role in his own defeat in the early 1980's. Why would AIPAC use lobbying clout to defeat politicians? Because some of these figures dared to question the intimate relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Paul Findley has been a good friend of the USS Liberty survivors for many years. Here is a short 13 minute excerpt from the program on 9/23/2003.

CLICK HERE to play the MP3 file.

"THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT" by Paul Findley. Written by a former congressman, this book details the enormous influence of the Israeli Lobby in the USA. The book tells about the ease with which politics can be manipulated by another country. Details of Israeli influence in the White House, the press, universities, churches -- throughout America are given. The book will leave you somewhat depressed over the sad state of affairs of this nation, -- most importantly -- over the influence that Israel has over our congress. This book is "must" reading for every American citizen. The book is available at any good bookstore. Click on the book at right for one of many places it is available on the internet.